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The Art of Letting Go: Let’s Get Physical

- Soul


In case you’re like me and have 20 tabs open at once, you can listen to me lovingly read this post to you while you continue to do all the things. I stumbled a few times, but hey, no one’s perfect.¬†ūüôä

Oh, hey.

I had all the intentions of writing this follow-up post earlier in the month, but naturally, life happened. I was in Costa Rica where the internet was spotty, the weather was seductively sunny, and my attention span was nonexistent. I just wasn’t feeling it, and I’m learning that this is okay. Anyway, I’m here with you now, and 100% ready to dive into this difficult yet beautiful process of letting go. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


No. 1: Ditch all physical items that serve you no purpose

Take a look around. Whether you’re at the office, on your couch, or in your bedroom, chances are you’re surrounded by stuff. Of course, some of this stuff has value, either practical or sentimental, but if you actually take the time to analyze each item, I’m willing to make a¬†bet that¬†most¬†of it doesn’t.

It’s difficult. Trust me, I know.

We’re humans and we have serious attachment issues. I’m talking crazy bitch high school relationship-attachment issues. We somehow manage to justify keeping¬†EVERYTHING.

We tie sentimental value to the scarf that our ex-friend gifted to us in 9th grade, and we actually believe that we’ll one day find use for that oddly shaped vacuum cleaner extension. We hold onto clothing that doesn’t fit us properly, and we keep old, unfinished projects around because we feel connected to them. We thrive on connection and we are afraid to be without.

So what’s the big deal?

It’s energy and it’s h e a v y. Have you ever been around an item that makes you feel uneasy? Maybe you were antiquing with your grandma and you came across a doll that creeped you the f*ck out. No, you’re not crazy. You felt this feeling for a reason. You felt this doll’s energy. Every single item in your physical environment holds energy and if it isn’t bringing you joy and picking you up, it’s taking up space and weighing you down.


The Challenge 

For each of the next five days, get rid of five possessions that don’t bring you joy. These can range from clothing to piles of paid bills, and old receipts to books you know you’ll never get around to reading. It may not seem¬†like a lot, but five items for five days¬†equals 25 items,¬†and 25 items will yield big results.

To make the process easier for you, I’ve created a free printable guide.

You can download it here.

Remember, if all else fails, you can always have someone else do the dirty work. I’m not ashamed to admit that I once asked my mom to go through boxes¬†of my clothes when I wasn’t home, and throw out everything she didn’t like. Spoiler Alert: It was basically everything. While it pained me to think of the disposal of those borderline slutty dresses from high school that may or may not come back in style, and the ill-fitting graphic tees sporting nonsensical English phrases that I got on my Japan trip, I knew that I would only miss these items if I were face to face with them.

Guess what? It worked. My clothing inventory went from 4-5 boxes to a single basket, and as a bonus, my closet now consists only of items that make me feel damn sexy.

Physical items are just the first step. Stay tuned for Step No. 2 in the process of letting go! In the meantime, let me know how this challenge goes for you by shooting me a message or leaving a comment below. I cannot wait to hear how much lighter you feel after the next five days!